8 Content Creators I Loved In 2018

Top lifestyle, fashion and inspirational content creators of 2018.

This year has felt like a tug of war between online media and its consumers. We’re trying to spend less time glued to screens, yet at the same time we’re presented with a relentless stream of content, leaving us conflicted between consuming it all or setting boundaries with our devices. In an attempt to dim the noise, we’ve become more selective with who we’re following, curating feeds filled with content we really love.

In 2018, there’s been a few creators doing what I think social media should do – leave us inspired and excited about life, motivated to create and live our truths.

Here’s who’s filled my feeds with just that…

#1. Trinny Woodall

Truth be told, I fell out of love with a lot of online fashion content this year. Trinny is the antithesis to that carbon copy, #spon breed of content that’s the cause of my weariness. She takes it back to everything I love about fashion; personal style as a form of expression and having FUN with clothes.

Her sartorial commentary has kept me coming back to her Instagram time and time again. It’s candid, off the (fabulously flared) cuff, oozes personality and is a breath of fresh air amidst an overly-filtered feed.

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#2. HauteLeMode

Stay up to date with the fashion world minus the often archaic lens that traditional fashion media outlets report through. The combination of Luke’s discerning eye, extensive fashion knowledge, cutting wit and sharp sass make his videos addictive.

The HauteLeMode video that really captured my attention this year however was this one, which exposes the damaging cost of fast fashion. Sustainable fashion has been a hot topic this year, but I really respect Luke for using his platform to raise awareness in such a well-researched and eloquent way.

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#3. Kristie Dash

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With a job title like ‘beauty & partnerships at Instagram’, it’s no surprise that I love seeing what Kristie is up to via her Insta Stories. As well as snippets of working for Instagram in NYC (and sometimes LA!), follow her for beauty recommendations, glimpses of what it’s like in IG HQ (the food looks incredible) and general NYC coolness.

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#4. Alex Beadon

Alex is a creator in the self growth/entrepreneurship space. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a meetup she hosted last week, and now I know how welcoming and warm she is in person, I love her online content all the more! Her passion for business and helping women be the best version of themselves really shines through; from her Instagram stories through to her podcast (which has become essential listening on my morning commute!).

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#5. Laura Jane Williams

As the author of ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast’ (the life-changing guide that every grown-up needs to remind themselves of the freedom and joy that comes with rediscovering your inner child), it’s evident that Laura really lives and breathes her philosophy of prioritising happiness.  Her Instagram Stories strike a perfect balance between being artfully captured whilst also being very real snapshots of her life.  

Authenticity has been another hot topic in digital space this year, and Laura Jane Williams is someone who in my eyes nails being authentic with her audience perfectly. Whether it’s disclosing spon/gifted products or chronicling writing her new book, none of her content feels contrived or artificially glossy.  And let me tell you, that is absolutely something our social media feeds could do with more of.

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#6. Leela Jasmine Sule

When I first started following Leela, her content was primarily focused on fashion and fitness. This year, Leela has transitioned her online brand to the self growth space, and it’s been a joy to see her take on this new direction with such ease!

Her captions are always real AF, and I can guarantee you’ll leave her page feeling inspired to get up and GROW! Speaking of which, Leela also launched a podcast this year which goes by that very title. It’s well worth a listen! Keep an eye out for something I worked on with Leela coming soon….

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#7. AlexandrasGirlyTalk

Alexandra’s videos are straight to the point – SO professionally edited and packed with infinitely useful fashion and beauty tips. Her guide to buying the perfect pair of jeans is well worth a watch – look out for her tip about zips!

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#8. Ashlina Kaposta

It was my research in preparation for moving out that led me to Ashlina’s beautiful blog. ‘The Decorista’ is dedicated to Blissful Living, the art of creating your surroundings to live life with clarity, confidence and bliss.

Ashlina has coined her own term ‘glam-shui’; a spin on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui – right up my street! On her blog you’ll find handy guides and interior inspiration, whilst The Decorista newsletter delivers all kinds of timely tips straight to your inbox. I’m especially delighted Ashlina launched her own podcast a few months ago – Bliss Vibes Only. I’ve picked up so many handy interior tips from it; from decluttering to applying Feng Shui principles when hosting.

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Hopefully you’ve discovered some inspiring new accounts to follow in 2019! and if there’s any other creators you love following then please share them either in the comments below, or message me on instagram @sineadsaintelle!

In the meantime, have a delightfully fabuleuse Christmas and I will be back soon!

Sinéad xo