#ProjectHausOfFabuleuse – The Bedroom Edit

Here’s the thing; I just don’t know what I want in the bedroom.

Don’t give me that look, I’m referring to home décor, obviously.

We’ve reached the final room in my #ProjectHausOfFabuleuse ‘Edit’ series, and this one’s taken me several tries to pull together. The bedroom is a private place; a sacred space of rest and readying myself that needs to be enticing yet practical in equal measures. I have many ideas; none of which seem to harmonize.

In my dream bedroom, I’d slumber beneath the following

  • A velvet headboard
  • A feature wall with patterned wallpaper

But perhaps that will be #toomuch? And whilst I’m often seen sporting a crown with #toomuch engraved on it, maybe this vision is too extravagant, even for me

What I do have faith in working is a moody, jewel toned colour scheme in sumptuous fabrics. I’m talking velvet maroon, plush emerald green and soft violet. I’m also toying with taking a bold step and painting my bedroom walls in a dark, inky indigo. Whatever it takes to lull my always-on self to sleep, I’ll do it.

1. Velvet art deco headboard

It goes without saying that the bed ends up being the focus of bedroom, so why not create some grandeur with a statement headboard? It was love at first sight when I came across Sueno’s selection of Art Deco headboards, all are finished in luxe velvet and you can choose from a range of equally glam colours.

2. Round mirror

The art of getting dressed is one I take very seriously, so it only seems right that I dedicate a corner to it. I’m talking the kind of vanity table my 5 year old self would marvel at. Of course, every good dressing table needs a mirror; I adore the Greek key pattern on this one.

3. Leopard print cushion

When every second post features that Zara leopard print dress so much so that scrolling through Instagram becomes a safari, I’d forgive you for feeling leopard fatigue. But when in the context of décor, leopard takes on a whole new meaning. It’s sexy, playful and ultra glam.

4. Velvet bedding

Bedding is another key chance to inject your personality into your bedroom décor. Would you believe this gorgeously opulent set is from Argos!

5. Bedside table

The subtle simplicity of this little bedside table makes the ideal companion to a statement-making bed.

6. ‘La Femme Fatale’ Art

Why compete with the noise of the other patterns, textures and colours I’ve got going on? This elegant print speaks for itself in classic monochrome.

7. Watercolour print cushion

Is there such thing as too many scatter cushions? Absolutely not, especially when they’re pieces of art in their own right.

8. Versace barocco printed wallpaper

I’ve ordered a sample of this and can confirm that it’s even more gorgeous in person. In fact the digital version doesn’t do it justice – the texture of this wallpaper is something to behold. The yellow pattern actually has a slight metallic sheen to it, and the blue alternates between satin and an embossed snakeskin-like effect. Would you expect anything less from Versace wallpaper?

9. Gold vase

Perch on a bedside table or as part of a dressing table arrangement.

10. Josephine Velvet Chair

You know that dream vanity setup I was talking about? This charming little chair fits right into that reverie, evoking all kinds of retro powder room feels.

What does your dream bedroom décor look like?

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Sinéad xo