#ProjectHausOfFabuleuse – The Kitchen Edit

Taking kitchen décor inspiration from masters of the macaron; Ladurée.

I was totally clueless with where to start with on my soon-to-be kitchen. Living room? Easy. Bathroom? I knew exactly what I wanted, colour scheme and all. But aside from the mandatory gold utensils and a waffle maker, I had no idea how I wanted to kit out my kitchen.

Currently, the tiles and walls of my future kitchen are a pistachio green colour – not my first choice. But I soon came round to the idea of making it work, just like French patisserie chain Ladurée make it work for them! Each of their many stores across the world adopt a scheme of pistachio and gold (of course) accompanied by pastel tones of blue and pink to create an elegant, inviting mood – exactly how I’d want my kitchen to be.


1. Pastel glasses with gold rims (green tumblers, pink balloon glasses, purple tumblers)

These fit my pastel patisserie theme perfectly whilst adding a bit of whimsical glamour at the same time.

2. & 3. Gold utensils (whisk and sieve set)

These are surprisingly difficult to source. I’ve found plenty of copper and rose gold, but if you happen to know where I might find yellow gold/brass utensils I would be most grateful!

4. Gold rimmed plates

I love that these have a quartz feel about them. I much prefer them to traditional gold rimmed plates as they have a ‘rough around the edges’ quality to them.

5. Casserole dish

I genuinely do enjoy cooking and I think I’d get a lot of use out of one of these. Also feels like a very adult thing to own.

6. Monogrammed glass

My friend Lily got me a gorg initialled mug for my birthday (and it’s gold!! So thoughtful!!) so now I’m on the prowl for a glass to match.

7. Gold key cutlery set

It’s been a longstanding goal of mine to own gold cutlery – and finally my moment has come! These definitely indulge my fairytale-loving inner child.

8. Waffle maker

Forget the toaster and kettle. Getting my own place means independence. And what do I plan on doing with that independence? Making waffles, of course.

9. Gold colander

IIf only I could tell 6 year old me she’d grow up to own her very own gold colander with HEARTS for holes.

10. Salt & pepper shakers

L’Objet make the most gorgeous homeware; luxurious craftsmanship meets artful design. Not quite within my budget, but these are definitely a ‘someday’ piece.

11. ‘I’m Hot’ Trivet

How cute is this! A trivet is an essential to protect kitchen worktops from hot dishes and pans, I love that this one is gold!

12. Ladurée Candle

Whenever I come across a Ladurée on my travels, I can’t help but lust after their candles. Not only are they as visually pleasing as their famous desserts, but they smell just as good too.

13. Gold saucepan set

I mean, you didn’t expect me to cook in silver pans, surely?

14. Mugs (pink design, blue design)

Again with the gold rimmed glassware, but I adore the art deco design on these too.

Sinéad xo