Finding Your Fabuleuse: An interview with Ash Golinelli, jewellery designer and founder of Angelina Alvarez

Isn’t it glorious how fashion can be a vehicle to pure FUN?

That’s what led me to the first interviewee in my new ‘Finding Your Fabuleuse‘ series. Meet Ash Golinelli, founder of Angelina Alvarez, a jewellery brand that showcases glittering crowns alongside necklaces, earrings and bracelets and promises to ‘make getting ready to leave the house an event in itself’. 

Australian-born to Spanish and Canadian parents, Ash worked in finance for 6 years before taking the leap to follow her dream of designing jewellery. I caught up with Ash to discover the story behind Angelina Alvarez, her creative rituals and the role of glamour in today’s world.

What inspired you to start Angelina Alvarez? 

My love of jewellery, especially semi-precious stones, was sparked from a young age when I would play in my mother’s jewellery box (while she wasn’t looking of course). On a trip to Cusco, Peru, this passion was reignited. The jewellery selection and colours I saw there were endless. I had always wanted to be a jewellery designer and have my own business, but my family and I felt that it was important to go to university. After graduating with a law and commerce degree, I worked in finance for 6 years before starting Angelina Alvarez. I was also inspired by my grandmother, whom the label is named after. Angelina was born in Spain and epitomises the European style of being immaculately dressed. She would never dream of leaving the house without her lipstick and jewellery.

I’m very much inspired by French style and history (hence the name Fabuleuse Du Jour!). You credit your grandma’s European style as one of your design influences, is there a particular European city that inspires you the most? 

I can’t pick just one city! But the colours and architecture in Barcelona, Saint Sebastian, Seville and Madrid in Spain are a big inspiration for me. I find inspiration almost everywhere I look, from runways of large luxury brands and vintage designers to tiles on the floor of a restaurant, to the shape of a flower.

I love your latest ‘Empire’ collection. It reminds me of a glamorous summer in the Mediterranean Riviera. When it comes to designing your jewellery, do you have any rituals that get your creativity flowing?

I need a clean desk and no distractions. I listen to a lot of music but when I’m designing I’m usually sitting in my office in complete silence. It’s not always planned this way, but most of my designing happens from 12 noon until 3pm. That is when I feel most creative.

Fabuleuse Du Jour is all about finding the magic in the every day. For me, my personal style is my ‘fabuleuse’ and one of my favourite parts of the day is choosing an outfit that makes me feel good. How do you embody the Angelina Alvarez philosophy of ‘everyday glamour’?

It doesn’t matter what I am wearing, whether it be athleisure or a cocktail dress, as soon as I put on a piece of Angelina Alvarez jewellery I feel glamorous.

What is the one piece of jewellery you can’t leave the house without? 

Earrings are an absolute must for me – they elevate any look!

Finally, what role do you think glamour plays in the modern world? 

The word “glamour” is derived from the Scottish word “gramarye” which means a magical spell. I think confident women are glamorous and ooze a sense of mystery. They have a magical appeal. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is about her but she is glamorous and poised. She doesn’t have to be old Hollywood style to achieve the look of glamour, she just needs to be polished. Confidence is the number one thing that makes a woman glamorous. Hopefully in this modern world we live in, we will keep helping women feel beautiful and call-out things that don’t make her feel beautiful in the skin she is in.

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