#ProjectHausOfFabuleuse – The Bathroom Edit

#ProjectHausOfFabuleuse: creating a stylish sanctuary in the bathroom

Following on from the living room, the bathroom is the only other room where I knew exactly what I wanted from the get go. I’m very drawn to emerald green in general, and I loved the idea of marrying it with my signature gold to create a luxurious, Middle-Eastern inspired feel in the bathroom.

As part of my preparations for moving out, I’ve been doing a lot of research into feng shui and energy flow in the home (Dana Claudat’s YouTube channel is my go-to!). I’ve learnt that bathrooms can be a draining area in terms of energy, so it’s important to counterbalance that with indulgent, spa-like elements. Whether that’s through fluffy towels, a lush bath mat or opulent marble, these small details all add up to create a sensory experience.

As you know I’m all about finding the ‘fabuleuse’ in the every day, so for a functional room that you’re bound to use every day, why shouldn’t your bathroom ooze glamour and make you feel good?

1. Malachite wall art
2. Gold mirror
3. Green Marble plant pot
4. Printed silk robe
5. Green marble display plates
6. Emerald green towels
7. Gold soap dish
8. Bath mat
9. Gold mirror
10. Soap Dispenser
11. Gold wire baskets