5 Podcasts I Love – Creativity, Careers, Music, Feminism & Pop Culture

podcasts I loveHere’s the thing; I’ve become more and more of a commitment-phobe when it comes to media. RuPaul’s Drag Race is the only TV series I’ve watched diligently in years. I blame it on my never-ending pursuit to do more. I mean, how am I supposed to multitask when TV requires me to watch and listen?

Podcasts are the answer. I can stick one on when I’m folding laundry, driving home from work or cooking. And because they’re educational or thought-provoking, I always feel productive for having listened to one. ACast is my app of choice for subscribing and listening to podcasts; it has all my favourites in one place, lets me queue up episodes and recommends similar podcasts.

If podcasts are your kind of thing, these are the ones I devour on a weekly basis:

Ctrl Alt Delete

Hosted by: British writer, broadcaster and pro multi-hyphenate Emma Gannon.

The premise: Centered around the digital age and her own experiences of ‘growing up online’, Emma Gannon interviews an impressive lineup of thought leaders and pioneers from an eclectic mix of industries. Ctrl Alt Delete provides a revealing insight into what makes these trailblazers tick, as well as discussing their online lives.

Best for: Creative inspiration, career guidance and discovering cool people doing cool things.

I listen because: These episodes are like a pure, unfiltered cocktail of inspiration and motivation straight into my ears. Ctrl Alt Delete always gets me primed to go create something.

The Call

Hosted by:  Social critic, former political strategist and current Head of Content Programming at Snapchat, Erica Williams Simon.

The premise: What was your ‘aha’ moment?  In this podcast, Erica sits down with inspirational women to hone in on the moment they got ‘The Call’, the journey leading up to it and the trajectory that followed.

Best for: Igniting your passion, career guidance, discovering inspirational women in business.

I listen because:  Like Ctrl Alt Delete, this is another podcast that gets me excited about life. It’s fascinating to hear the paths these women have taken and reassuring to know they’re rarely linear. You’ll also find some good nuggets of career tips in here too!

What’s The Tee with RuPaul and Michelle Visage

Hosted byDrag extraordinaire RuPaul and co-host of the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, Michelle Visage

The premise: With illustrious careers between them, RuPaul and Michelle Visage lift the curtain on the world of drag, showbiz and the mysterious ways of the universe. Some episodes feature a guest (usually a guest judge from Drag Race), but listening to Ru and Michelle on their own is just as magical.

Best for: Pop culture education, music/film recommendations, spiritual epiphanies, discovering the world of drag.

I listen because: Yes I’m an avid Drag Race viewer, but what makes me a daily listener of What’s The Tee is Ru and Michelle’s chemistry. The two have such great rapport, it’s impossible not to be enchanted by their friendship. I can’t get enough of their stories and musings; whether it’s Ru ru-miniscing (couldn’t resist) about his childhood or Michelle getting excited about musical theatre.

Guys We Fucked

Hosted by: NYC-based comediennes Krystyna Hutchinson & Corrine Fisher
The premise: Making the world a more sex-positive place, one episode at a time. In a concept so simple yet so groundbreaking, Krystyna & Corrine interview guys they’ve had sexual encounters with, along the way deconstructing the social barriers surrounding female sexuality.
Best for: Feminism, a good laugh, challenging your own thoughts on sexuality.
I listen because: This candid, liberating and at times enlightening show actually got its first mention here on Fabuleuse Du Jour back in 2014! 4 years on and this show continues to educate and challenge my own perspectives.

Switched on Pop

Hosted by: musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding.

The premise: To celebrate, investigate and appreciate pop music.

Best for: Fans of pop music, but those who are more excited about chord patterns and the sociopolitical impact of girlbands than You Won’t Believe What Taylor Swift Said Now About Katy Perry.

I listen because: Pop music gets a terrible rep. Much of this has very little to do with music and more to do with the aforementioned controversies that tend to overshadow the music. Every episode of SOP is a magical journey exploring the genius behind pop songs we know and love – without the gossip. Wait until you hear the isolated harmonies of Ariana Grande’s Into You. Or the episode where they identified every musical influence in Janelle Monae’s ‘Make Me Feel’ (I did the same but with style references here!).

Are you a podcast person? What podcast are you obsessed with?

Sinéad xo