#ProjectHausOfFabuleuse – The Living Room Edit

glamorous living room inspiration

So the word is officially out – I’m moving into my own place! 

#ProjectHausOfFabuleuse is officially underway, which means plenty of interiors blog posts to come. Considering fashion is my home turf, interiors feels like a natural extension of fashion in many ways, but as I’m new to it it’s like a clean slate. Like building my wardrobe collection from scratch.

To kick things off, I wanted talk about the room that’s taking up most of my planning process; the living room. After all, my living room will serve a multitude of purposes. This will be where I relax, entertain, dine, blog and most likely shoot my blog/YouTube content, so I really want to get it right.

glamorous living room interior design

My vision at the moment is Studio 54 meets the Palace of Versailles; two iconic locations representing very different perspectives and eras of glamour.

I am very much a maximalist (or as the kids say, ‘extra’); I’ve always been drawn to opulence and theatricality so my goal is to reflect that throughout my décor.

Glamorous without garishness 

I am wary that my desires for glamour can verge dangerously into the category of ‘tacky‘ so I’m trying to go for classic yet statement pieces.

By building in luxe textures like polished brass and plush velvet, I’m hoping it will create the sense of occasion I want it to without looking garish.

(Left and above: ottoman from Homesense, blue cushion from Morrison’s, throw & Eiffel Tower ornament both from TK Maxx)


1. Blue Neon Sign

I’ve always dreamt that my future abode would feature a neon sign of some sort, if only to cast that music video-esque glow over everything. Sadly, they can be quite pricey so this will have to be a purchase later down the line.

2. Marble & Gold Coffee Table

I’m still figuring out if I’ll actually have room for a coffee table, but I’ve come across so many beautiful ones that almost double up as art pieces, this being one of them.

3. Velvet Sofa

I actually already have a sofa (kindly donated by my mum!), but I couldn’t create a living room edit without including a velvet couch! I adore the brass detail at the bottom of this one.

4. Scented Candle

You don’t need to be an interiors expert to know that candles are one of those small but effective details that pull a room together.

5. Plush Velvet Throw

With all the gold/brass accents I plan on having, contrasting with softer textures like this one will ensure the effect isn’t too harsh.

6. Agate Sequin Print Cushion

I love the detail on this embellished cushion.

7. Fuchsia Velvet Cushion

Along with the glamorous mood I’m trying to create, I also want the living room to have a sense of fun. I like the idea of injections of brazen fuchsia here and there, especially to contrast the moody navy.

8. Photo Frame

Another small detail to make it more homely.

9. Console Table

This will be one of the first things you’ll see as you enter my flat, so this is one piece of furniture I’m willing to splurge on.

10. Clock

This clock fits my scheme perfectly and I couldn’t believe the price!

11. Cher Print

I’ve given a lot of thought to wall art, and I’ve decided I  want to pay homage to some of my favourite divas. This utterly joyful photo of Cher also ties in perfectly with my Studio 54 vibe.

12. Ottoman

I actually found a pretty much identical one to this in Homesense (pictured in the first photo). This ottoman just ticks all my boxes; functional as seating, perfect colour, luxe texture and that all-important gold detail.

13. Candle

Reminiscent of ancient Greece, this candle is a regal addition.

14. Vase

Imagine this with a beautiful arrangement of flowers in it. I dieee!

15. Lamp

Lighting is something I’m still figuring out, but I love the glamorous detail on this lamp.

16. Gold Lion Ornament

This is a real personal thing – gold lions are have always been symbolic to me. I’m very into astrology, I’m a Leo sun & moon and my favourite colour is gold, so I can’t think of anything more ‘me’!

What do you think of my living room plans so far? Leave your suggestions below for your favourite places to shop homeware!

Sinéad xo