2018 London Bucketlist

I don’t live in London, but I am lucky to live close enough that I feel a strong sense of familiarity whenever I visit. My parents used to take us into the capital often as kids, and as I’ve grown up I’ve got to know its streets, stations and sights like the lyrics and melodies of my most beloved songs (currently Butterfly by Grimes, in case you were wondering).

But much of the big smoke remains uncharted to me – here’s where I hope to explore in 2018…

Pictured here: Sophie’s Steakhouse & Bar in Soho – beautiful décor and fab location

Try Shake Shack

Ok so technically Shake Shack is a transatlantic import, but I’m always up for trying new fast food joints. I mean, ever since Five Guys totally changed my perception of fast food, I’ve had my sights set on Shake Shack. The only problem is, every single time I encounter a Shake Shack, without fail there’s a hefty queue spilling out of it. Maybe I’ll have more luck on a weekday. I sure hope so, because by the look of those crinkle fries? Hoooooney.

Visit Hyde Park in the day

Ok so I’ve probably been to Hyde Park some time in my distant youth, but the visits I can recall have either been to Winter Wonderland [WATCH: Winter Wonderland Vlog] or the Radio 2 concert I attended last autumn. Which means I have absolutely no concept of what Hyde Park looks like when there’s not an event on. Sounds ridiculous I know and I’ll probably get there and be like ‘ohhhh yes I remember this’, but right now I’m drawing a blank. Definitely thinking this is a spring activity!

The view across The Millenium Bridge on a particularly magnificent July afternoon.

See a theatre show

Musical theatre has always been one of my great loves, I used to fit in 2-3 West End shows a year but it’s been ages since I’ve seen a show! Though tickets are about as easy to come by as days that the current US President doesn’t bring us closer to the brink of WW3,  I’m hankering to see Hamilton. I really don’t think there’s been a show quite as groundbreaking for sometime, so I think to catch it in such an early run will be something to remember for years to come! I’m also tempted by Aladdin or perhaps a non-musical play. Any recommendations?

Go to a temporary exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum

If I find myself remotely in the vicinity of South Kensington, you can bet I’ll try my best to dip into the V&A. I’ve wiled away entire days exploring its hallowed halls, even zipping in for 30 minutes for a peek at my favourite permanent exhibits. But I’ve never actually been to one of their paid features! To this day I’m kicking myself for letting the iconic McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit pass me by (even more so that I missed Lady Gaga there by a day. SOB).

I’m hoping to catch the Balenciaga exhibit, which closes in just 2 weeks! Failing that, the Frida Kahlo exhibition is next on my list.

Visit Greenwich

Another London outing I know I’ve made in years gone by, but I’d love to go back and explore! I’ve heard many good things about picturesque Greenwich, plus it’ll generally be nice to visit a new part of London!

Discover more independent cafés

I know, I know – such a blogger cliché but I am extremely partial to a quirky, trendy coffee shop where I can sip such delicacies as matcha lattes and take all of the flatlays. Bonus points if said joint falls into the category of ‘brunch spot’. I still haven’t visited blogger favourites Farm Girl or Peggy Porschen, but I know there’s equally great places dotted around London. I’ve noticed Elan Café doing the rounds on Instagram and it’s easy to see why!

A favourite from last year: the ‘Grind’ chain. Find locations across London!


For more of my London picks, be sure to check out my #fabuleuseinlondon hashtag on Instagram!

What are your London must-visits?

Sinéad xo