Travel: Fabuleuse In Marrakech [Vlog!]


architectural details of the Bahia Palace


It’s that time again; get ready to indulge in some serious wanderlust as I have a new travel vlog to share with you! This vlog actually went live on my YouTube channel way back in October but I wanted to make sure all my blog readers got to see it too!

September saw me heading off to Marrakech for a week of sun, sightseeing and serious relaxation. Just a year ago a was telling you how the thought of a holiday based on a sunlounger scared the hell out of me, yet here I am having made a full 180. It wasn’t totally a ‘sit by the pool and do nothing’ kind of trip, but I really did appreciate taking the time to just chill out.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was in good company. Up until now I’d only travelled by myself (Why I Travel Solo) or with family, but this time I went with friends. We had such a laugh and made some truly unforgettable memories – they were even up for getting involved with the vlog so you’ll get to meet them for yourselves (look out for the first ever menswear segment on Fabuleuse Du Jour around 5.17 of the vlog!).

And Marrakech itself?

I’d heard mixed reviews so wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’d heard of people being shouted abuse at on the streets, of scams and questionable food. But I’d also heard of the rich, unique culture that Marrakech had to offer.

So I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but we went with an open mind – which is the best thing to go with really. Overall our experience was largely positive, bar being blatantly overcharged by a taxi driver and I did receive a bit of abuse when my scarf slipped to reveal a bare shoulder in the town.

But honestly, these little nuances are to be expected when travelling. It’s part of the magic. You don’t travel hundreds of miles to experience what you’re used to!

I’ll let the vlog do the talking from here…hope you guys enjoy exploring Marrakech with us!

Sinéad xo