The Woman I Want To Become

I’m just a girl trying to become the woman she’s always wanted to be.

It’s not often I get too personal here on Fabuleuse Du Jour, but when something I tweeted a few months ago seemed to resonate with so many of you, I was inspired to dig a little deeper and explore what it meant to me. At 23, I’m all-too conscious that this is supposed to be the time in my life to make it happen. Of course it’s never too late to go after one’s dreams, but a sizeable chunk of groundwork and lesson-learning happens in your 20s.

But what exactly does making it happen look like to me? Something I’ve realised this year is that for me making it happen is not so much about material factors like where I work or where I live – but who I want to be, and whether my life lets me be that person. Figuring this out has shaped and given me a clearer view of that bigger picture I’m working towards.

(the woman I want to become still pulls faces like the one above)

So who is this woman? Well, allow me to introduce her….

The woman I want to become always looks stylish and elegant yet interesting and approachable. The clothes she’s wearing reflects a unique facet of her story. The world may not always realise it – but she’s always wearing her invisible crown.

She knows what she wants but most of all she knows herself. Knows her strengths, knows her weaknesses. Knows that she has a work ethic of steel – but only when she’s not falling victim to her tendency to procrastinate.

The woman I want to become works to become, not acquire. She creates every day – whether for work or for the sake of creating. She champions others and tries to understand the opposition’s perspective, though she may not always agree with it.

The woman I want to become drinks 3 litres of water a day. She takes care of her health but is at peace with the fact that sometimes life gets in the way and you have to skip a workout or enjoy that slice of cake.

The woman I want to become stays curious; always reading, wandering down side streets and thirsty for new tastes. She sees every person she encounters as an opportunity to learn something new. She makes sure to learn a few phrases of the local language wherever she travels.

The woman I want to become always remembers that kindness costs nothing. No matter what the world throws at her she never lets it harden her heart. Any anger she feels towards the horrors of the world, she channels to action positive change and make a difference.

The woman I want to become is madly in love with life itself – a life she’s worked hard to build. She finds the magic in the everyday and doesn’t lose sight of those little things that make life worth living.

I try to keep this woman in mind everyday, try to step into her shoes and see the world through her eyes.

Who knows, maybe someday you’ll get to meet her…

Style Credits

Addy Emerald Shift Dress Tobi* // necklace – vintage via charity shop // metallic quilted bag – vintage via charity shop (similar here) // gold hoop earrings – H&M // python ankle boots – TK Maxx (similar here) // lips – Too Faced Melted lipstick in ‘Drop Dead Red’ (available here)

A moment of appreciation for this beaut of a dress – a jewel in your wardrobe to see you from autumn through to party season. I adore the colour and the fit is oh so flattering. Got me feeling all of my witch fantasies.

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Thanks to Sanj for these photos!<3

Sinéad xo