What I Wore: Jardins Majorelle, Marrakech

Blue on blue at Yves Saint Laurent’s gardens…


Sometimes, no matter how meticulously you plan your outfit – nothing can prepare you for the eventualities that life decides to fling your way.

If you look closely here at the right leg of my palazzo trousers, carefully selected by yours truly to match that famous Majorelle blue, you’ll notice dark splatterings of blood.

And those shadows on my chin? Dried blood.

Turns out violent, gushing nosebleeds sure know how to pick their moments. You might be in a Moroccan taxi, primed and ready for the inevitable argument with the driver as he overcharges you and bam, there it is. Even if you spent hours pouring over photos of the Jardins Majorelle whilst packing so you could strategically plan the perfect outfit to do justice to such an exquisite setting; there it is. A cascading disaster of a nosebleed.

Despite that initial drama (you’ll be able to watch it all unfold in my Marrakech vlog, coming this weekend!), my friend Lily and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon exploring this tranquil oasis in bustling Marrakech.

The Jardins Majorelle have had a firm place on my bucket list ever since I read about them whilst researching Yves Saint Laurent. You guys know I love a good fashion-related place of interestbut the Jardins were especially close to my heart. My mum walked for YSL in the late 80s, in what was one of the first major international fashion shows in Asia and India. For years now I’ve hungrily absorbed anything and everything about Yves and his world.

Even if you have no interest in fashion, the gardens are well worth a visit just to marvel at their exquisite beauty. Today it may be swarming with tourists, but even still you can picture Yves strolling through the foliage, getting inspiration for his designs.

Everywhere you look feels like some kind of lucid fantasy. The cacti casting distinct shadows over the vivid paintwork, the dazzling Moroccan sunrays illuminating the scene, and from every corner that unmistakeable Majorelle blue. It’s a blue like no other; inviting but striking, intense but calming.


top – F+F // palazzo trousers – Mango // sunglasses – Quay Australia via TK Maxx // earrings – H&M // sliders – Primark // bag – charity shop

On the whole I had such a fabuleuse time in Marrakech, and I can’t wait to share more of my trip with you! And even though this particular day had its traumatic moment, I know it’s a story I won’t forget anytime soon. These photos serve as a reminder to myself that no matter how much you think you’ve plotted and planned for something, life has a funny way of throwing you a curveball (or ‘curved ball’ as I read in a work email today…no, seriously). And it’s these curveballs that make for the best memories.

Thanks to my insta-wife Lily for capturing the Majorelle magique<3

Sinéad xo