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I’ll be real with you; I feel like a bit of a farce writing a post on exercise. When it comes to fitness, I’m far from a disciplined gym devotee.

Once I’m actually doing exercise, I quite enjoy it. But actually bringing myself to do it is another matter entirely.  Despite my best intentions, I can’t seem to drag myself out of bed for pre-work exercise and my evenings are almost always reserved for blogging.

However, I understand that this body’s all I’ve got, so putting in time to take care of it is important.

I’m still trying to master a fitness routine that can fit in with my 9-5, blogging and a vague social life, but here’s a few of my go-to activities when I do decide to workout:


Dance is my favourite way to spend energy – which I often have a lot of after spending a day at my desk.

From about the age of 8 all the way through uni, I’d always been involved in performing arts which was naturally a kind of exercise in itself (I love a good choreo’d routine). Since graduating this has been the first time I haven’t had classes/rehearsals to go to on a weekly basis, so I make my own from the comfort of my bedroom!

I’ll either try and learn choreo from a music video (I’ve got pretty much every Lady Gaga video nailed) or follow a tutorial like this . Or of course just wack on your go-to diva tune on and unleash your inner Beyoncé.



I discovered hooping after deciding I wanted to find a way to combine dance and fitness at home. Turns out you can work up a serious sweat with this playground pastime!

I started about a year ago with a regular hoop from a toy store. I could barely manage a few rotations for the first few weeks but with practice I slowly got the hang of it. I’ve since progressed to a weighted hoop and can keep it up for a solid 30 minutes!

Depending on how much time I have, I’ll set a timer on my phone for 15/30 minutes and hoop with a few exercises incorporating arm and leg movements.

My favourite thing about hooping is that I can just grab my hoop, get some tunes on and go!


Ahhh Instagram, that magical landscape of ideals. Thankfully, some of those superhuman fitness bods share their exercises, many of which can be done at home! I’ll either copy their routines or mix and match my favourite moves!

I like to use Instagram’s ’Save’ function to keep them in a ‘Collection’ that I can refer to again and again. Leela from Her Fashion Memoir has some fab videos like this one.


One of the easiest and most obvious ways to exercise without a gym membership. It’s tough – but girl does it work! It’s taken me a while to fall in love (a term I use very loosely here) with running, but before my holiday I was doing it three times a week and it was the best I’d felt in ages.

I’m finding it slightly more difficult to get out in the evenings what with it being colder and darkness falling earlier, but I’ve got my eye on a few workout wardrobe additions to remedy that. This womens gym hoodie from Jack Wills not only looks super cosy, but has a reflective strip on the back – perfect for keeping visible on a nighttime run.

How to do fit exercise around your daily routine?

*this post has been sponsored, but all views are my own.

Sinéad xo