The “I Got This” Playlist

motivational diva playlist

From workouts to working days, here’s your personal cheerleader in playlist form…

Growing up with musician parents, it’s unsurprising that music is what I turn to at my lowest points. It never fails to amaze me how much music can turn my mindset around. In just minutes, music helps me feel like myself again. So with the new beginnings that September brings and the promise of a final 4 months to smash your 2017 goals, here’s some essential listening to remind yourself that you got this!

1. Sissy That Walk – RuPaul

Few things get me more hyped than Rupaul’s Drag Race, I can barely conversate* without slipping in Drag Race references anymore. Mama Ru is here to tell you that the world is yours, kitty girl! Now you better strut down that catwalk of life and claim it.

Defining lyric: “And if I fly, or if I fall/least I can say I gave it all”

*yep, there it as, another Drag Race reference…

2. Bricks – Le Grind

This is the first I’ve heard of Le Grind, but I certainly hope it’s not the last. This track’s infectious 90s dance-meets-disco with a dash of funk and some serious vocal prowess is exactly the dose of ‘go get ’em girl’ we all need.

Defining lyric: “Miss thang, you better work it, if you don’t break a sweat you ain’t earned it”

3. Shining – Beyoncé

Would this even be a motivational playlist without Yoncé? Nuh-uh. I think Queen B has been a personal cheerleader to us all at one point or another, and whilst there are many of her songs I could have chosen, something about Shining just makes me feel…invincible. 

Defining lyric: “All of this winning, I’ve been losin’ my mind…Don’t try to slow me down”

4. Jump – Madonna

Maybe it’s because I instantly associate this song with scenes of Anne Hathaway balancing trays of hot Starbucks through the streets of Manhattan in The Devil Wears Prada, but hot damn this song makes me feel powerful, wise and R-E-A-D-Y to jump.

Defining lyric: “I’ll work and I’ll fight til I find a place of my own.”

5. Stronger – Britney Spears

Because if Britney can survive 2007, you can get through whatever today throws at you.

Defining lyric: “You might think that I can’t take it, but you’re wrong”


when she belts “my loneliness ain’t killing me no more”

aka goosebump-worthy character progression from …Baby One More Time

6. I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

A diva anthem if ever there was one. I defy you not to sing along when you hear that intro. You can’t.

It’s impossible.

Defining lyric: “I’ve got to show the world/All that I want to be/And all my abillities/There’s so much more to me”

6. Phresh Out The Runway – Rihanna

We should all try to exude Rihanna walking the Victoria’s Secret runway to this song. I mean it practically invented the word slayage. I honestly still think about that walk on a weekly basis.

Defining lyric: I bet you wanna know what my crew about/You really wanna know how we get down/Walk up in this bitch like we own this ho

7. Woman – Kesha

Kesha’s emerged from a dark place and she’s returned bigger, more brazen and vocal than ever before. And it’s glorious. Also let’s appreciate the brass section on this track because there’s not enough of it in 2017 pop music.

Defining lyric: “I’m a motherf****** WOMAN”

8. Monster – just Nicki Minaj’s verse

Fun fact: Kanye almost axed Nicki’s verse from this song, for fear “people would say that was the best verse” on his album (turns out he was right, people still credit the Nicki verse as their favourite moment on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). It’s a bloody good job he didn’t go with his instinct, because one listen to this verse and I can guarantee you’ll feel ready to take on anything.

Defining lyric: “You could be the king but watch the queen conquer”

What tunes help you feel motivated?


Sinéad xo