Cruelty-Free & Independent Beauty Brands I Want To Try


Beauty brands off the beaten path…

Is it just me, or has there been an explosion of independent makeup brands off late? Maybe it’s just me being aware of them thanks to Instagram, but either way it’s pretty cool.

For years the beauty industry has been ruled by such huge names, it’s refreshing to hear about upcoming brands breaking barriers and innovating product lines. Whilst big brands are easier to find and often cheaper, let’s not forget many have skeletons lurking in their closets (e.g. testing on animals, selling skin-whitening creams, firing spokespeople for speaking out against racism…*ahem*).

So next time you feel like spending your hard-earned pennies on some new makeup, consider supporting one of these brands! Even better, they’re all cruelty free/vegan or both!

OFRA Cosmetics

Makeup Geek

Violet Voss

SUVA Beauty

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Besame Cosmetics

Juvia’s Place

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Have you tried products from any of these brands? Which independent beauty brands would you recommend? 

Sinéad xo