Beauty: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula*

In denial about the end of summer? Hold onto holiday vibes with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula…

There’s few scents I adore more than the smell of coconut. There’s just something about it that’s rich yet light at the same time, conjuring up feelings of warm summer breezes and sand beneath your toes.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to receive a package from Palmers that smelt so deliciously of coconut before I’d even opened it!

The use of coconut oil has gained increasing mainstream popularity in recent years (though my grandmothers have been hailing its use for as long as I can remember). However, it can be a little too intense to use the pure stuff straight from a jar. I know I break out if I apply it directly to my face and it just seems to sit on my hair if I use it as a mask.

Enter Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula. Using all raw, natural ingredients, the range of hair and body care products has all those nourishing benefits of coconut oil in a much lighter format that’s suitable for everyday use.

As I mentioned, the first thing I noticed with these products was the scent. And in a really good way – the smell of coconut is very fresh, not artificial or overpowering.

The body oil, lotion and hand cream all also list Monoi oil and Sweet Almond oil as an ingredient alongside the coconut. With such heavy oil content, I imagined having to work the product in quite a lot, however all three sink into your skin beautifully. I’ve been using them to keep my skin moisturised all summer long and they’re definitely coming with me on holiday next week!

As for the hair care, I let my mum demo the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask (which I didn’t have a chance to photograph!) as she has coloured hair. Having tried a multitude of products to nourish her damaged hair, she was pleasantly surprised with how well the Coconut Oil Formula conditioned her hair and improved its shine. She also said that a little product went a really long way!

I’ve noticed that the Coconut Oil Formula range extends to skincare such as a cleansing balm and face mask which I’m definitely inspired to try after being so impressed by these products! I also can’t believe I’ve not tried the original Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula which I know so many swear by!

What are your experiences with using coconut oil? Do you have a favourite Palmer’s product?

Snatch up the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula products here.

*products featured in this post were sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are my own.