Travel: A weekend in Paris – Dior Exhibition, summer in Paris & more

Summer in the city of lights…

Even with all its clichés, Paris will always hold a special place in my heart. Home to my favourite designers, (7 must-visit places in Paris for fashion lovers) writers, artists, the backdrop of many a story and film I revisit time and time again. I have so many happy memories in that city, from the whirlwind daytrip with my friend Verena on our semester abroad to my first solo trip a few years ago. I could wax lyrical about the people, the architecture, the certain magique that sings through every androissement come rain or shine, but I wouldn’t do it justice.

Where words fail me, a vlog is the only way. So here’s your chance to experience that magique for yourself; get lost in sunny side streets, stroll the opulent Pont Alexandre III and discover the best falafel you’ll ever try. This vlog’s my longest yet so get cosy and enjoy la vie en rose!

Sinéad xo