My Favourite Charity Shop/Thrift Finds & Tips For Shopping Second Hand

Not convinced by the thought of raiding through charity shops? Watch this!

If you’ve followed my blog for a hot minute – firstly, THANK YOU – and secondly you’ll know I love a good charity shop find. A quick scroll through my posts tagged with ‘charity shop will show you just how many of my outfits feature items I’ve purchased second hand. Unlike most bloggers, it’s rare that I’m able to link you directly to any of my clothes because I buy so much second hand/on sale. I realise this might be a bit annoying, but I’ve always blogged to give people ideas, not sell them something!

But I digress – if you’re not quite sold on the thought of rooting through second-hand shops, I thought I’d show you some of the totally one-of-a-kind treasures I’ve found over the years by thrifting – hopefully it convinces you to give them a go! Along the way I’m always sharing some of my personal experiences and tips to find the best pieces for you. Enjoy!!

Sinéad xo