Singapore travel vlog by sineadsaintelle

From Kuala Lumpur (more on that here) we headed onto Singapore for the second leg of our trip. Singapore has been on my list for as long as I can remember (for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint) so I was pretty excited!!!

Singapore was as cosmopolitan as I’d anticipated, but like KL I was pleasantly surprised to see that culture had been preserved; whether through the architecture or cuisine. And yes, Singapore is absolutely as clean as everyone says!

Our visit fell over New Years Eve and we hadn’t made any plans for how we wanted to bring in 2017. None of us are especially party animals (though I’m sure my brother will speak for himself😜) and we didn’t fancy having to battle crowds (after the disaster that was trying to get back to mainland Dubai from The Atlantis Palm when we spent NYE there one year), so we ended up going to a street concert that was conveniently right outside our hotel. Though we weren’t familiar with most of the local acts, we all enjoyed the music and the atmosphere was great. The night finished with fireworks and after that it was just a short walk back to our hotel!

On New Year’s Day I got to tick off a bucket list item; trying a Singapore Sling cocktail at the famous Raffle’s Hotel. Though it was pretty crowded, that didn’t stop us from marvelling at the beautiful colonial building and we did manage to get a table at The Long Bar to enjoy some cocktails. I went for the virgin option as I don’t drink and it lived up to my expectations!

I’ll let the vlog take over from here; hope you guys enjoy exploring Singapore with me!

Sinéad xo