7 Sources of Style Inspiration

Whether you’re making a conscious effort to push yourself out of your style boundaries or just tired of staring hopelessly at your wardrobe each morning, here’s 7 places to go for a dose of fashion inspiration.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking ‘Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame meets Pirate of The Carribbean’ was my main inspiration behind this outfit (and I wish it was). But it’s actually the brilliance of blogger babe Audrey Leighton of Frassy Audrey who gave me the idea of layering a strappy top over a bardot.

As someone who gets their kicks from the process of crafting an outfit, I often get asked what inspires me. Truth is, style is my primary channel of self expression so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where I get my ideas. I’m never not absorbing my environment, moods, textures, feelings and somewhere in my head that projects itself into what I’m wearing. There’s also my performance background that casts a shadow over everything I do; for me dressing is a way to reinvent myself, just as a costume does in the theatre.

Whether you’re making a conscious effort to push yourself out of your style boundaries or just tired of staring hopelessly at your wardrobe each morning, I thought I would share my 7 go-to places for a dose of fashion inspiration.


Probably the most obvious port of call – the glossy pages of the likes of Vogue, ELLE & Harper’s Bazaar have a longstanding reputation for showcasing the latest trends, designers and styling ideas. Of course the advent of digital no longer means they’re as ahead of the curve as in days gone by, but pretty much all titles now have equally inspiring online channels to browse.

Online Retailers

Whilst I’m not a fan of online shopping, the rare time I do browse online I almost always leave with a new idea of how to wear something in my wardrobe. Plus, most offer handy style hints and tips in product descriptions or on their blog. I especially love Net-A-Porter’s email newsletter ‘The Edit’, which is not only a visual treat but includes a nice at-a-glance roundup of what’s hot straight to your inbox!

Blogs & Social Media

As much as the world ‘influencer’ makes my toes curl a little, I can’t deny that bloggers do just that to my sartorial choices – influence. Look at this outfit right here! Magazines are one thing, but those editorial shoots represent another world for the most of us. Bloggers & social media ‘influencers’ on the other hand are often more relatable and wear accessible brands. As anyone with an Instagram account knows, they’re also the most regularly updated meaning you have a never-ending-stream of inspo!



Like or loathe ’em, those A-listers have access to designers and stylists like no one else. Even if it’s unlikely you’ll get to go to the Met Gala (I’m still holding out for my invite…), that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of their looks into your everyday style!

People Watching

One of my favourite ways to get outfit ideas. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worn something after seeing something similar on a random passer-by!

Film & TV

Film & TV make for an excellent window to the past. I know I’m always inspired to rummage through a vintage store after watching something from another era. But present-day media can be equally inspiring – let’s not forget my hat inspired by American Horror Story: Coven.

Music Videos

I’ve always been fascinated by music videos; seeing them as an art form entirely of their own. I just find the worlds created in them to be so much more heightened than in regular film or TV. They’re often completely abstract fantasies, which makes music videos a wealth of inspiration. And that goes beyond actual clothes; think lighting, backdrops and props too!

Where – or what – is your biggest style inspiration?

Style Credits

bralet – H&M // khaki bardot top – second hand, brand unknown [similar here] // ripped jeans – UNIQLO [available here]

block heel ankle boots – TK MAXX // hoop earrings – H&M

Photos by Aneela.

Sinéad xo