Travel: 3 Sightseeing Essentials

I’m never shy to admit that the city break is my favourite type of holiday. There’s very few things that come close to the adventure of visiting a new city and all it has to offer; from admiring its architecture to sampling its cuisine. Over the years I’ve learnt – sometimes the hard way – that there’s an art to packing for days spent out and about taking in a city. Here’s 3 things I never travel without for a day of sightseeing…


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Essential #1: A pair of statement sneakers

Nothing can ruin a trip like sore feet, so don’t let uncomfortable shoes slow down your sightseeing! Much to the happiness of feet everywhere, sportier footwear has made a major comeback recently. Worn with everything from jeans to pleated maxi skirts, statement sneakers are a great way to add personal flair to any outfit whilst staying comfy.

Plan your outfits around comfortable footwear when you’re packing and you’ll be good to go!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why a Brit like me is referring to trainers as sneakers, well that alliteration was too good to pass up.

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Essential #2: A crossbody bag/backpack

As much as I love a good handbag, when exploring a new city I much prefer being hands-free. For this reason, I’ve found crossbody bags and backpacks are the most convenient for stuffing in maps, water and anything else I seem to accumulate when sightseeing.

I know some people are paranoid about pick-pocketing with backpacks and I’ve even heard scary stories of this happening so I can see why you might prefer keeping your valuables in sight with a crossbody! However, a backpack can be more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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Essentials #3 – Tech

As a blogger, I think as carefully about my tech as much as my clothes when it comes to preparing for my travels. But even if you’re not a blogger, capturing your trip in photos or videos is a wonderful way to preserve your travel memories.

Whilst I currently use my phone to take photos, it doesn’t quite capture enough details. Instead, I have my eye on this Panasonic Lumix-G-Compact camera. With incredible 6K photo quality and the world’s first 4K video recording, it sounds like one of the best CSC cameras around.

What are your sightseeing essentials?

Thank you to Panasonic for sponsoring this post. City skyline icon in title image by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project.

Sinéad xo