The Wardrobe Spring Clean Part 2: Stop Buying Clothes You’ll Never Wear


questions to ask yourself before buying new clothes

Earlier this week I took you through 3 steps to decluttering and streamlining your wardrobe’s offering. Once you’ve gone through that process, you should be left with your cream of the crop of beloved clothes; nothing more, nothing less.

Now, the challenge is of course keeping it all that way.

Picture this; you’re out shopping, you’ve spotted the most covetable item on a rack, but to spare undoing all the hard work you’ve put into detoxing your wardrobe, are you sure you want to seal the deal and take it home?

If you find yourself buying clothes that never seem to see the light of day, these 5 questions to ask yourself before making new purchases should put an end to that!

Q1: Is this ‘me’?

Remember it’s just as important that your clothes make you feel fabulous as well as how they look. Spend some time looking at Pinterest/blogs and take note of looks you like. Figure out what aspect it is that you like about them and if it suits you. For example, I love midi length skirts and dresses, however I know I don’t have the height to pull them off so have to wear them with heels.

Q2: When will I wear it?

And I mean really visualise yourself where and when you’d wear it. Picture yourself sitting in uni lectures or taking public transport to work. If it’s for a one-off occasion like a wedding, think carefully about whether you’ll be able to style it differently to squeeze in more wear. Bonus points If you can picture more than one opportunity to wear it.

Q3: What do I have in my wardrobe already that I can wear it with?

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. When visualising the occasion, think about what you already have that you can pair it with. It’s all well and good thinking that frill bardot top would look great with a full midi-length skirt, but if you don’t already have a full midi-length skirt; you’re already committing yourself to spending more money at a later date. Essentially, opt for items that will help you get the most of your existing wardrobe.

Q4: What does it feel like?

I cannot stress enough how key this is: feel the damn fabric. Get all up in its grill. It’s going to be against your skin after all. Do this while it’s on the hanger to avoid wasting time trying it on. If it’s itchy, do not buy it. I repeat, do not. I cannot tell you the amount of pretty coloured knits I have that stay in my drawer; because who is ever in the mood to wear an itchy jumper all day? No one. Love yourself, love your skin and buy clothes that you won’t have to psyche yourself up to want to wear.

(I realise this can be a bit tricky as far as online shopping is concerned – which is why I tend not to shop online myself – instead pay careful attention to fabric details).

Q5: How does it fit?

Ok, so the item in question has made it through the last 4 tests, but it all boils down to this; the moment of truth. I know it feels like a lot of effort, but get ‘cho ass to the changing rooms and try the damn thing on. I cannot tell you the number of items I’ve loved on the hanger and purchased excitedly, only to come home and find that the fit is completely unflattering and not what I expected. it’s so worth it to make sure something is right for you before parting with your dollar. Also this is a chance to revisit step 4 – check for things like constricting waistbands – life’s too short to miss out on cake because of tight clothes.

Do you have any mini ‘tests’ items have to pass before you make a purchase?

questions to ask yourself before buying new clothes


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