6 Signs You Should Start A Blog

Blogging is a truly beautiful thing. With blogs out there on just about any subject imaginable; (from aviation to DIY, entertainment to fitness, parenting to religion and everything in between), the blogosphere extends far beyond this little corner of fashion. And each one has its own agenda. You can blog for followers, you can blog for money, you can blog for your friends, you can blog for yourself – or a combination of all of them.

But that’s the beauty of it –  you get to decide what blogging means to you and what you want to get out of it. 

I often hear ‘I was thinking of starting a blog’ or ‘I’ve always want to start a blog’ but often the biggest thing holding people back is the fear of not having enough to talk about. Well firstly, my advice is to just start – I know from experience that the ideas will flow naturally after that. But if you match up to any of the following, now might just be the perfect time for you to start a blog…

#1: You have a lot of ideas and nowhere to put them

This is pretty much how I started blogging. I had an awful lot of thoughts and ideas about outfits and style inspiration with nowhere to put them. The rest followed from there! If you’ve kept your ideas to yourself up until now, the thought of divulging them to the world can seem daunting but as they say; life begins at the end of your comfort zone! You never know where sharing your ideas may take you.

#2: You’ve just gone through a lifechanging experience

You’ll see many bloggers started their blogging journey when they started uni, became parents or went through a career change. I can’t tell you the amount of travel blogs I’ve stumbled across from people who just happened to start blogging to document a study abroad programme.  There’s a good reason for all this. These experiences – though largely positive – can also represent struggles. If you’ve come through a difficult decision or experience, sharing how you dealt with it is a great starting point for a blog, with lots of potential for helpful content that you’ll be able to generate new ideas for easily.

#3: You currently work in a creative industry/aspire to work in a creative industry.

Consider all the skills that blogging encompasses. From graphic design to photography to web design to copywriting, it’s no wonder blogging has gained serious credibility  in the creative industries. It makes for a valuable CV addition; think of it as your online portfolio to show off what you can do! Think of how impressive it is for your blog to pop up when someone Googles your name. If you’re already working in a creative industry, blogging is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader, as well as an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

#4: You want to showcase your skills

Blogging doesn’t have to be for professional reasons. Maybe you’re a pro at creating your own recipes and your friends are always asking for the secrets behind your culinary creations. Maybe you can draw. Maybe you have a real knack for upcycling old furniture. Whatever your expertise, showcase it online with a blog! There will always be people out there who will want to read about it, whatever it is. As I said before, blogging makes a great online portfolio, and you can get creative with photo, video and more to show off what you can do.

#5: You want to learn new skills

The way the actual art of blogging is, you’ll naturally pick up new skills along the way; from web design to social media, photography and more. But if you’re thinking of picking up a new skill completely unrelated to blogging, starting a blog might be a great way to monitor your journey. It doesn’t even have to be for followers; you could document it purely for your own development. But by sharing it on the internet, you never know who else you might help!

#6: You want to connect with likeminded people

Nothing’s more frustrating and isolating than being passionate about something and not having anyone to share that passion with. Coming from a small town, I’ve grown up using the internet as a way to obsess over my passions with people from around the world. In my teens, that consisted of My Chemical Romance (#MCRmy where you at) which soon evolved to Lady Gaga, musical theatre and finally fashion.

Of course you can find like-minded people through various communities on social media, but a blog gives you more of an opportunity to really show who you are. Over time you’ll gradually attract people on the same page as you so you can compare notes, stay up to date with what you care about and essentially feed your passion. And we all know good things happen when you fuel the things that make you happy.

I’ve met so many inspiring and cool people through blogging; needless to say I wouldn’t have got to know them if it wasn’t for blogging!

style credits

Bleuh Ciel via TK Maxx striped shirt [similar here here] // Primark jumper //  Lost Ink via House of Fraser midi wrap skirt [similar here here] // belt came with skirt  // Blanco necklace  // vintage via charity shop bag –  [similar here here] // mum’s old beret // Charles & Keith gold loafers [similar here]

Photos by Caitlin Pirie

How did you know it was time to start a blog?

P.S I tried something a bit different with this post, combining an outfit & advice into one. Do you guys like this style or should I keep outfits and advice posts separate?

Sinéad xo