Layering: The Secret to Wearing Everything In Your Wardrobe (+ 16 Styling Ideas To Try Yourself!)

How to layer, fashion advise, Fabuleuse Du Jour

Think you’ve got to wait until summer to wear that dress? Think again!

How to layer, fashion advise, Fabuleuse Du Jour


How to layer, fashion advise, Fabuleuse Du Jour

What I’m wearing: 

Mango dress (worn as pinafore), F&F turtleneck, Charles & Keith metallic loafers (available here), charity shop chain belt & metallic quilted bag, mum’s old beret

We all have our excuses; it’s not warm enough, that’s too dressy, that’s too casual, that’s too disco, that’s too bookish. For whatever reason, we seem to reserve certain clothes for certain occasions. It’s one of life’s greatest travesties; having clothes in your wardrobe you love, but not enough opportunities to wear them.

Or so you thought.

It’s time to turn everything you thought you knew out of the window, because daytime sequins are perhaps a little more within reach than you may have originally thought.

Take for example this outfit right here – this dress is supposed to be a summer shift dress, but I’ve here styled it as a more season-appropriate pinafore. Layering is the answer to getting more wear out of your wardrobe. Here’s 16 more easy layering combinations to try this week!

1. Cami over a tshirt/jumper – it’s been done to death recently, but it works so well!

2.  Faux fur with distressed denim – works well with a fur gilet.

3. A jumper over your favourite summer dress, transforming it into a year-round skirt

4. Collared shirt under knitwear – an fail-proof way to layer. Bonus points if you add a statement necklace.

5. Bralet over a white tee – see also: boob tube over a white shirt

6. Sequin ‘party’ top layered under a relaxed denim shirt – told you daytime sequins could be a thing.

7. Bell sleeves of the moment poking out of just about everything – especially coats!

8. Your favourite black dress with a chunky tan knit on top 

9. A leather miniskirt with a delicate chiffon shirt and a knitted jumper – don’t be afraid to play with textures!

10. Dungarees with a turtleneck/collared shirt underneath – a different take on my pinafore here.

11. A bardot top/jumper with a collared shirt underneath

12. Fishnets under ripped jeans – for a supercool twist on a classic.

13. Cropped jumpers with longer shirts underneath 

14. A long cardigan + miniskirt/minidress – play around with hemlines.

15. A collarless jacket + a turtleneck

16. Strappy dress over long sleeves – think velvet on black, navy on white.

I hope you feel a little inspired to dig something out of your wardrobe that you wouldn’t usually think of wearing! What’s your favourite way to layer?

Thanks to Aneela for these photos! Go check out her blog here.

Sinéad xo