A new name & new look: Welcome to Fabuleuse Du Jour

Why I changed my blog name, blog rebrand

Introducing my new home on the internet…

It seems like I posted my 2017 blog goals in a triumph and disappeared without a word, however all this time I’ve been quietly working away on this…not quite a brand new blog – you’ll find all my content as it was before, but in a new location: Fabuleuse Du Jour.

Why I changed my blog name, blog rebrand


Why the name change?

Previously, my blog went by the name of ‘Fabuleuse, toujours’; French for ‘fabulous, always’. I basically came up with the name during the transition from high school to college (so a looong time ago), where I was delighted to finally be casting off the shackles of school uniform and entering the realm of Own Clothes. And that’s pretty much how and why I came to start a fashion blog. I was so determined to make each day’s outfit a top-to-toe, fully-fledged #concept, that I just had to document it all. ‘Fabuleuse, toujours’ encompassed that, as well as my love of the French language, which I was studying at the time.

Over the years, the name has just lost its meaning. The reality is that I’m not ‘fabulous, always’, nor do I ever want to claim that I am. Instead, ‘Fabuleuse Du Jour’, seeks to celebrate the fabulous in each day, whether that be an outfit, a place or shade of lipstick. Not every day will be ‘fabuleuse’, but that’s something I’m learning to embrace.

I couldn’t bear to part with the French theme, so it translates to ‘fabulous of the day’; a take on the infamous ‘outfit of the day’ movement. Plus it means I get to keep my ‘#fabuleusein*enter city name here*’ hashtag when I share my travels!

Why I changed my blog name, blog rebrand

Why I changed my blog name, blog rebrand

A new look

I couldn’t not talk about my new look, mostly because I’m so unbelievably thrilled with it! As I mentioned in my goals post, I’ve wanted to make the leap from Blogger to WordPress for some time now, and I finally did! Thanks to pipdig the move was smooth,  stress-free and surprisingly quick (just 4 working days from placing the order). Even when I did have issues with Disqus comments not transferring and the site not redirecting automatically, help was right at the other end of an email and I was never once made to feel like I was being annoying (which happens all too often when dealing with digital agencies…). I’d highly recommend pipdig if you’re thinking of making the move!

Why I changed my blog name, blog rebrand

If you’re reading this on mobile (and if my analytics are anything to go by, there’s a high chance you are), I hope you like the new look as switching to WordPress has meant I’m able to deliver a mobile experience that’s all-round more beautiful! Improving mobile optimisation was another of my 2017 blogging goals so I’m really happy I’ve been able to cross off 2 in one hit!

A new name obviously called for a new header, so I got busy with some marble digital papers from Urbn Bean and after producing about a million different options, I’m delighted to finally unveil the final choice – with social icons to match!

Why I changed my blog name, blog rebrand


What now?

I’m pretty much going to pick up where I left off; so you can expect more fashion, travel & beauty content – just in a shiny new home!

Thank you for bearing with me whilst I got it all sorted, and I hope you like the redesign as much as I do.

What do you think of my new layout? Happy to answer any questions you have below about the Blogger to Wordpress migration etc below!

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