What I’m Packing & Where I’m Going #2: Long Haul

Twas the night before Christmas

And the ‘fasten seatbelts’ ping was the only sound,

As she spent 12 hours soaring above the clouds.

That’s right folks, tonight I’m making like Santa himself and taking to the skies this Christmas Eve. In keeping with the other trips I’ve made this year, I’m headed eastwards; but this time beyond Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia.

The destination(s): Kuala Lumpur & Singapore
Both are cities I’ve been longing to visit for some time, Singapore especially. I don’t really think they’re going to be comparable to anywhere I’ve been previously, except for maybe Dubai or Bangkok. I’ll be interested to see how they match up to these initial impressions!

We’ll be in Kuala Lumpur for Christmas and Singapore for New Year’s, which I think will be cool to see how they celebrate elsewhere!

What I’m packing:
As I’m going to be travelling long haul (12 hours!!!), I wanted to focus this post on how I prepare for spending the best part of a day sat on a flying container.


Backpack – Primark. After searching for the perfect one to no avail, I was so excited to find this beautiful backpack in Primark for a mere £9 (it’s recent so be quick if you want to snap it up!). The embroidery instantly gave me Gucci feels but I like that there’s still plenty of room for customisation – you can bet I’ll be adding in my signature gold somehow. I feel like backpacks are more practical for travelling than handbags, and I’m looking forward to putting that theory to the test.

Loafers – Zara. I bought these back in the summer, but slip-ons are the most favourable airport wear when it comes to those security checks. No one wants to be that person unlacing their shoes (trust me, it’s been me many a time).

Gold headband – Bershka. (buy here). In order to properly relax and unwind, I like to keep my hair out of my face. This nifty headband serves me nicely on that front, plus I like to think it’ll add a nice bit of festive glam whilst I’m flying (which I hope my fellow passengers will appreciate).

Specs – Alexander McQueen via TK Maxx. I can’t believe I haven’t spoken about these properly on here until now but I’m so in love with my first frames! Also I’m getting a little bit blind without them and won’t be able to tell departures from arrivals if I don’t bring them.

Turtleneck knit jumper – Blanco. I always seem to get a little shivery on planes, and I used to remedy that by taking a scarf with me. But I’ve since converted to turtlenecks instead as they’re so cosy! I might wear a lighter one that this one though.

Purse – Sophie Hulme. 


Sheet mask – for self administered in-flight spa treatments

Hand cream, Vaseline Cocoa Butter & Smashbox Hydrating Primer – to combat the moisture-sucking environment that is aeroplanes

Hair ties & Tangle Teezer – for kink/knot-free tresses

Hand santitiser – to keep germs at bay

Nail file – because always.


Holiday read: The Assistants by Camille Perri. Very excited to read this!

Thermos & herbal teabags: I don’t know about you, but I always find the drink servings on flights measley. They’re never enough, especially when you love tea as much as I do. So, I’ve taken to carrying my own thermos and tea bags, and just asking them to top up with hot water. Winning.

As always, I’ll be snap-vlogging my trip and posting the most aesthetically pleasing bits on my Instagram, so do come say hi!

What are your inflight essentials?

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