Travel: Fabuleuse In Sevilla

Plaza de Espana

A week in the sun-soaked Andalusian capital; learning Spanish, getting lost in side streets and taking it slow in the most majestic of settings.

Sunrise from the Puente de Isabel II
details at Jardines Alcazar
Plaza de Espana


cathedral de Sevilla


in the shadows of  Malaga’s cathedral

People rarely associate city breaks with relaxation, let alone city breaks that involve enrolling in language classes. I can’t count the number of ‘you’re using your holiday…to go to school!?‘ reactions I got when I told people what I had planned for my trip to Sevilla. But this ended up being one of the most easygoing and refreshing holidays I’ve ever taken.

I’ve long since outgrown the beach holiday, the thought of sitting poolside for a week or more fills me with dread, no matter how gripping my holiday book is. I much favour navigating my way around uncharted streets, being surrounded by art and architecture and people. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it never fails to soothe and inspire.

The fact that I did this trip solo probably helped on the chill front. One of the most glorious things about your own company is getting to do things your way. Embracing the leisurely Andalusian way of life, I spent a lot of time just parking myself outside cafés with an ice cold drink, watching people go about their daily business and getting lost in my thoughts. One Sunday I meandered my way across the city with a book, stopping to read at whichever spots enticed me. It was blissful. On weekdays, my Spanish classes would finish around 1pm so I’d lazily wile the rest of the day away with siteseeing, shopping, or sometimes even a siesta.

I always talk about architecture when I travel, but Sevilla’s is especially unforgettable. A unique blend of Moorish & Spanish elements, its monuments and buildings are like no other; a testament to its rich cultural tapestry. I noticed equally interesting architecture when I made a daytrip to Malaga.

See for yourself just how relaxing a city break can be in my vlog below:


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