10 Things I Learnt During My First Year In The Workplace

Last week I celebrated one year since starting my first full time job. Barely a month out of my marketing degree, and there I was turning up to the office wide-eyed and nervous, but excited nonetheless to enter ~The Professional World~. I’ve got to work on some pretty cool projects in these first 12 months, and even got to work in the Middle East – but it’s safe to say it’s been a learning curve along the way.

Here’s my 10 pieces of advice I’d give to anyone starting their First Job…

1. Collaborating >>> competing.

2. Never underestimate the importance of learning through observation. Often it’s the purest form of training you’ll receive.

3. Get into the habit of saving files with proper names.

4. When it comes to managing expectations; underpromise & overdeliver.

5. You can never go wrong with learning basic coding – even the bare minimum is likely to come in use at some point!

6. Photoshop doesn’t hurt either.

7. Don’t be afraid to put forward fresh ideas – even if they’re dismissed there’s likely a good reason why it hasn’t been done before.

8. Looking the part is only 20%,

9. Saying this, invest in 3 foolproof work dresses & 2 smart jackets and they’ll pay for themselves.

10. Turn up on time (10 minutes early is all the better), know your shit and be willing to learn.

What professional advice would you give to graduates entering the workplace?

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