life in photos #24: travel → paris, france (a lot of pretty photos)

Weekend before last I found myself in the city of lights itself; Paris! Although I was there for work experience, I did find some time to fit in a bit of exploring.

Admittedly I have a bit of a love/hate relationship for the city; whilst it’s undeniably beautiful, I do find it has its fair share of shady parts. But then what city doesn’t?!

One thing I always find myself marvelling in Paris is the architecture. Someday I hope to be sipping tea from one of those ornate balconies (whilst dressed head to toe in vintage Chanel, of course).

Special shoutout to Three mobile for introducing their ‘Feel At Home Plan’ the week before I left, meaning I could enjoy my unlimited data plan abroad for absolutely nothing (!!!) – and thus Instagram the hell out of everything. Trés bien indeed.

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