currently coveting #6

After neglecting these posts for quite some time, I’m back with a new Currently Coveting! Fitting how it’s #6 and we’re in the sixth month of the year (pretty cool coincidence if you ask me). 



I know for a fact I don’t need to tell you how super cool this LA trio are, or how much hair envy they give me, or how awesome it is that their music video for If I Could Change Your Mind  features choreographed dancing – because you already know. I’m late to the party with this one – HAIM have already flipped their hair into the hearts of many; I spotted them on a Vogue billboard in Piccadilly Circus last month and they’ve been a staple on my Tumblr dashboard for quite some time. Nevertheless, if you haven’t listened to them, you totally should.


Not exactly a music offering, but these ladies have soundtracked many a long journey for me. New York-based comediennes Krystyna Hutchinson & Corrine Fisher are the masterminds behind this highly NSFW podcast – which is both hilarious and thought provoking at the same time. In the seemingly never-ending crusade against slut shaming, GWF was created with the intention of empowering women, and tackling the shame often associated with sex. To hear two women speak so candidly about sex is hugely refreshing amidst a sea of misogyny – I like to think of it as Sex & The City in 2014….but infinitely better on so, so many levels. I just wish I’d discovered this sooner! Listen for yourself here.

klingande – jubel 

This just sounds like summer to me.


bringing home the birkin by michael tonello

Over halfway through this book, and I am absolutely besotted! I may have to do an entire post reviewing this this little gem – it’s the perfect travel read. Tonello has the most charming story-telling ability, and his Birkin- related adventures are fascinating to say the least.


kat maconie heels

I think I first heard about Kat Maconie through Instagram a few months back, and after a quick browse of the website I was hooked – these are the perfect dreamy summer shoes! Even more exciting – this week I purchased my very own pair of Kat Maconies at thier pop-up shop in Covent Garden! So stay tuned to see which ones I chose. Shop the full Kat Maconie collection here.

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