my les mis experience & meeting sierra boggess! ♥

so on tuesday 4th July, i finally got to sit inside queen’s theatre in london & see les miserables!

ever since i sang ‘on my own’ for my grade 6 last year, i’d been in love with the musical and watched just about every youtube performance and every cast recording i could find, and even read the victor hugo book it is based on! i sorta knew it would be my favourite musical even before i saw it, is that weird!? [yes, totally]

i was lucky enough to see the incredible sierra boggess (the original ariel in the broadway adaptation of the little mermaid & incidentally my favourite christine in phantom of the opera) as fantine – so i was even more excited. even though it was only her second night in the role she did not disappoint and she absolutely killed it!

our seats were in row B – so close!

anyway, i knew there would be some crying involved after unashamedly crying at some point during every musical i’ve seen since 2010, and i knew that this one would be no different (i may or may not have got teary just by watching the 25th anniversary concert performance of ‘one day more’..). but wow, looking back now, there were tears from pretty much the overture to finale. ‘i dreamed a dream’ was probably where it was especially bad.

after the show we waited by the stage door to try and meet as many of the cast members as possible. we’d decided we wouldn’t wait too long as it wasn’t fair on my brother who had school the next day. craig mathers (who played marius) & danielle hope (who played eponine) both came out+signed my programme! (wish i’d asked for photos but was too shy…) as we were about to leave, i caught a glimpse of long reddish brown hair and knew it was sierra! she came out & signed my little mermaid poster, and her fiancée tam mutu (who played javert) signed my programme!
oh and then i ran down the street after gerónimo rauch (who played jean valjean – and did an incredible job) so that my mum could compliment him on his falsetto & have a photo with him ^o^

sierra signed my little mermaid poster that i brought on 5th avenue in new york! life is perfect :’) 

the show finished at 10:30 and i would say we had to wait no later than 11pm to meet everyone! i couldn’t get over how down to earth and lovely the entire cast were, even though probably all they wanted to do was head home and get to bed they were all more than happy to stop to chat/sign stuff/pose for photos. 

sierra bogges & i!

sierra is playing fantine until january 2013 i believe so if you can, go see her! i’m so happy i got to see this cast in fact because they were amazing, couldn’t have had a more perfect first les mis cast!